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Mansi Katiyar: From IT Expert to Advocate for AI and Animal Welfare

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Mansi Katiyar is making waves not only in the tech world but also in the realm of social and environmental advocacy. Her journey is a testament to the power of determination and the impact one person can have on both technology and society. Born in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, Mansi has always been driven by a passion for learning and a desire to make a difference.

Career Journey in IT Excellence and Innovation

Mansi Katiyar has over five years of experience in the IT industry, specializing in user experience (UX), software development, data and analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI). Her expertise has been honed through her work at leading tech companies, where she developed AI-powered solutions aimed at sustainability and economic growth. Recently, she collaborated on a significant project with a London-based company, further cementing her reputation as a skilled and innovative professional.

Mansi Katiyar selected for the Biz Bracket Best Noida Influencer for the month of June.
Mansi Katiyar selected as ‘Biz Bracket Best Noida Influencer’ for the month of June.

But Mansi’s contributions extend beyond her professional achievements. She is deeply committed to environmental conservation and animal welfare, particularly focusing on the well-being of stray animals. Her dedication to these causes has made her a notable figure in her community and beyond.

Throughout her career, Mansi has received numerous accolades and recognitions. In 2020, she was awarded by the Central Vigilance Commission for her exceptional work. Her efforts have been featured in various news outlets, showcasing her dedication to both her professional and social endeavors. Most recently, she was honored with the International Nari Gaurav Samman in 2024 on Women’s Day, a recognition of her impactful work and inspiring journey.

Social Media Influence and Personal Experience

Mansi’s influence also extends to social media, where she actively shares her insights and experiences. With a strong presence on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook, she engages with a wide audience, spreading awareness about the importance of AI, technology, and animal welfare.

Mansi Katiyar, an IT specialist and Social Media influencer living in Noida.
Mansi Katiyar, an IT specialist and Social Media influencer.

One of Mansi’s key motivations is her mother’s unwavering support and sacrifices. Raised by a single parent, Mansi credits her mother for her success and resilience. Her personal story is a poignant reminder of the power of perseverance and the influence of strong role models.

Looking ahead, Mansi aspires to connect with industrialist Ratan Tata, whose dedication to stray animals and support for new talent deeply inspires her. She hopes to meet him soon and continue her journey of making a significant impact in both the tech industry and the field of animal welfare.

Mansi Katiyar’s story is a powerful example of how passion, determination, and a commitment to making a difference can lead to remarkable achievements. Her journey from an IT specialist to an influential advocate for AI and animal welfare is inspiring many, proving that with the right mindset and support, anything is possible.

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