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Mindset of Indian Youth Towards Entrepreneurship, Know their Perspective!

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India has become an emerging market for global investors, and entrepreneurship is majorly contributing to the country’s economy. According to statistics, 54 percent of our population is under the age of 35, and close to 15 million enter the workforce every year. The only way enough jobs can be created for such a huge population consistently is by creating an environment for innovation. But the big question is what today’s Indian youth think about entrepreneurship or what is their mindset. Let’s check the ground report.

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But for that, we need to know what the Indian youth thinks about entrepreneurship. Well, there are numerous opinions, and some of them recorded beginning with a middle-class section of youth we observe. This section of society does not pursue entrepreneurship because of fear of failure and lack of agency also there is this mindset that this profession does not provide stability.

That’s the reason to pursue this profession one must have a side plan well, a major part also considers this as a method to get rich as this is often heard from youngsters that if you want to be rich then be an entrepreneur.

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Some just find this fascinating; for some, this is a passion and a platform for their innovative ideas. Young minds do not want to limit themselves to a routine of 9 to 5 their minds have lots of creativity and this creativity stays bound somewhere in their jobs and then comes the path of entrepreneurship you know it is said as well that need is the mother of invention.

We have seen shows like Shark Tank India where amazing ideas from youth were observed. This profession belongs to no community neither rich nor poor this does not bow down to people with degrees. It is hypothesized that a more positive attitude towards entrepreneurship would be seen in people from entrepreneurial background backgrounds and entrepreneurially developed regions it is believed that social support is a major enabler in entrepreneurial activity that a youth thinks about.

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According to Union minister Jitender Singh, there is a noteworthy transition in the mindset of Indian youth. There is a gradual shift from traditional inclination towards government jobs, with more young individuals embracing entrepreneurship. This shift is seen as a positive trend, contributing to the creation of numerous jobs across diverse sectors.

The job market has become highly competitive, making it challenging for young people to secure a job. Their thinking of financial independence and the opportunity to create success led them to.

(Written and researched by Vandana Gehlaut)

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