Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Indian Startup Mindgrove Launches First Indigenous High-Performance Chip

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India takes a significant step forward in its chip-making journey with the unveiling of the country’s first commercial high-performance System on Chip (SoC) by fabless semiconductor startup Mindgrove Technologies. Named ‘Secure IoT,’ this RISC-V architecture-based chip marks a milestone in India’s semiconductor industry, offering domestic original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) access to a homegrown chip for their devices.

Developed by the IIT Madras-incubated startup, ‘Secure IoT’ is poised to disrupt the market by providing a cost-effective alternative to existing chips, with an estimated 30% reduction in cost compared to competitors. Remarkably, Mindgrove accomplished the design and manufacturing of the chip within just eight months, a feat that typically takes the industry two to three years.

CEO and Co-founder of Mindgrove, Shashwath TR, emphasized the company’s mission to target the middle market with their chip designs. The ‘Secure IoT’ chip boasts impressive capabilities as a high-performance microcontroller clocked at 700 MHz. It serves a wide range of applications, from smartwatches to connected city infrastructure like electricity, water, and gas meters, as well as connected home devices and electric vehicle battery management systems.

Indian Startup Mindgrove Technologies.

Given that India consumes over a billion chips annually, with a significant portion potentially substitutable by ‘Secure IoT,’ Mindgrove anticipates substantial market demand. Shashwath TR expressed confidence in the global appeal of their chip, noting the widespread demand for microchips worldwide and the novelty of a high-quality option originating from India.

The introduction of ‘Secure IoT’ aligns with India’s ambitious semiconductor goals, as the country aims to become self-reliant in chip manufacturing and reduce dependence on imports. With the semiconductor industry projected to witness substantial growth, reaching a value of $90-$100 billion by FY26, initiatives like Mindgrove’s chip contribute significantly to India’s technological advancement and economic development.

In conclusion, Mindgrove’s achievement in launching India’s first indigenous high-performance chip signifies a significant milestone in the country’s semiconductor industry. By offering innovative solutions at competitive prices, Mindgrove paves the way for a brighter future in chip manufacturing, empowering domestic OEMs and driving technological innovation.

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