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PCDF: Leading the Development of UP’s Co-operative Dairy Sector

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The Pradeshik Co-operative Dairy Federation Ltd (PCDF) has been making significant strides in the Uttar Pradesh dairy sector since its establishment in 1962. With a focus on promoting cooperative dairy culture, PCDF aims to uplift farmers and provide quality milk products to consumers.

Under PCDF, 13 dairy plants across 19 milk unions operate under the Parag brand, producing a variety of milk and milk products. These include packed milk, khova, ice cream, butter, paneer, ghee, curd, and more.

Training and Research Institutes

PCDF operates three cooperative dairy training and research institutes in Lucknow, Meerut, and Varanasi. These institutes provide training in animal health, clean milk production, and artificial insemination, benefitting thousands of stakeholders annually.

PCDF UP Dairy Plant

PCDF operates three animal feed manufacturing units and a mineral mixer plant, ensuring high-quality feed for livestock. These products are sold under the Parag brand, contributing to the overall health and productivity of dairy animals.

Cooperative Societies and Milk Production

Uttar Pradesh boasts about 18,000 registered milk societies, with over 1,000 formed in the past year alone. Milk production has increased by 71%, with over 3.60 lakh litre of milk produced daily.

To strengthen its marketing system, PCDF has launched an e-commerce portal, facilitating home delivery of Parag milk products. Additionally, efforts are underway to involve women self-help groups as pollen marketing agents, ensuring wider access to quality milk products.

PCDF UP Dairy Sector

PCDF Expansion Plans

PCDF’s commitment to growth is evident in its plans to establish a new greenfield dairy plant in Banda. MD Anand Kumar Singh announced the establishment of a 20 thousand-liter Green Field Parag Dairy Plant in the Banda district, further bolstering milk production and meeting consumer demand in the region.

Cooperative dairy culture plays a crucial role in empowering farmers and ensuring the availability of quality milk products to consumers. By fostering collaboration among stakeholders, PCDF contributes to the socio-economic development of rural communities in Uttar Pradesh.

(With inputs from Prakash Gupta)

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