Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Zepto Introduces Platform Fees, How Much Will it Cost You?

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In a move to make more money, Zepto, the quick commerce startup, has started charging a platform fees of INR 2 per order for its users. This fee, along with existing handling charges ranging from INR 5 to INR 20, aims to bring in more revenue and make the company more profitable.

A spokesperson for Zepto said they want to be profitable by being efficient and cutting costs, not just by charging platform fees for deliveries. They believe they can make a profit even with lower delivery fees.

Zepto app

Zepto is following the lead of big companies like Swiggy and Zomato, which also charge fees for their services. However, Zepto is trying something different by adding platform fees on top of handling charges, unlike its competitors.

Recently, Zepto launched a membership program called Zepto Pass, starting at INR 99 per month. This program offers free unlimited deliveries for orders over INR 99, similar to Swiggy One and Zomato Gold.

zepto co founders Kaivalya and ceo Aadit Palicha

Despite these efforts, Zepto is one of the Indian startups that is still losing money, with losses increasing to INR 1,272.4 Cr in FY23, despite higher operating revenues of INR 2,024.3 Cr.

Zepto is now focusing on becoming profitable by 2024 and plans to expand itself in India. They also aim to list on Indian stock exchanges by 2026.

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