Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Mumbai Startup Founder Pays ₹1,000 Penalty After Imposing ₹200 Fine On Late Employees

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Kaushal Shah, Mumbai startup founder found himself on the receiving end of fines he had established to enforce punctuality among employees. Shah implemented a strict late arrival fine policy requiring all staff to arrive by 9:30 AM, with a Rs 200 penalty for tardiness.

In an unexpected twist, shortly after introducing the policy aimed at boosting productivity, Shah repeatedly found himself late. Within a week, he incurred fines totaling Rs 1,000 due to multiple late arrivals. Sharing his experience on social media platform X, Shah humorously disclosed his predicament, even posting screenshots of his fine payments, which quickly garnered over 136,000 views.

“Last week, to increase productivity in the office, I enforced a strict rule for everyone to arrive by 9:30 AM (previously we arrived around 10-11 AM). If late, we pay Rs. 200 as penalty. This is me paying it for the 5th time,” Shah wrote.

The post sparked amusement among users, with many applauding Shah’s commitment to hold himself accountable under the same rules he set for his team. However, some users raised light-hearted questions about the logistics of fine collection.

Responding to inquiries, Shah clarified that he had set up a separate UPI Lite account dedicated to collecting fines. “The money collected is used solely for team activities and benefits, such as dining and other team events,” he explained.

While some users appreciated Shah’s effort to improve office punctuality, others suggested alternative methods for enhancing team productivity. Despite varying opinions, Shah’s initiative highlighted his dedication to fostering a punctual work culture at Evor Beauty.

The incident underscores the challenges and humor in implementing workplace policies effectively, even for company founders. Shah’s transparency and accountability resonated widely, showcasing a unique approach to leadership within the startup community.

Kaushal Shah’s experience with the fines serves as a reminder that even those in leadership positions are subject to the rules they establish, contributing to a more disciplined and cohesive work environment at Evor Beauty.

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