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Gen Z Employees in India Thrive When Promises Are Kept: Study

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A recent report by Great Place To Work India reveals that Gen Z employees in India are significantly more motivated when they witness management fulfilling its commitments and when they can express their authentic selves in the workplace. The findings underscore the importance of transparency and inclusivity in fostering a positive work environment for younger employees.

According to the report, when management follows through on promises, Gen Z workers are 2.6 times more likely to remain motivated. Similarly, when they feel free to be themselves at work, their motivation levels increase by 2.8 times. These factors highlight the role of trust and authenticity in driving employee engagement among the younger workforce.

Currently, nearly one-fifth of India’s workforce comprises Gen Z individuals, known for their fresh perspectives and high expectations from their employers. Their presence in workplaces across the country is pushing organizational leaders to adapt and evolve their management styles and workplace cultures.

While 85% of Gen X employees report positive experiences with workplace culture, there is a noticeable gap in the experiences of Gen Z and millennial employees, indicating areas for improvement. The report suggests that enhancing cultural experiences for younger generations could lead to higher satisfaction and retention rates.

Gen Z employees motivation workplace India

The study also emphasizes the importance of psychological and emotional well-being, particularly among female employees. Specific measures that promote safety and inclusivity in the workplace are crucial for enhancing their overall work experience and satisfaction.

Comparatively, organizations in India perform better in workplace culture experiences compared to counterparts in Japan, Germany, and France. However, there is room for growth to match the standards set by organizations in countries like China and Brazil, according to the findings.

Balbir Singh, CEO of Great Place To Work India, highlighted India’s economic trajectory and the role of progressive businesses in driving its growth. He noted projections suggesting that India’s economy could reach $7 trillion by 2030, underscoring the potential for continued expansion and development in the corporate sector.

In conclusion, the report underscores the significance of trust, transparency, and inclusivity in motivating Gen Z employees in India. As organizations strive to meet their expectations and enhance workplace cultures, they are poised to not only retain talent but also drive sustained growth in the evolving Indian economy.

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