Sunday, July 14, 2024

Pocket FM Partners with ElevenLabs to Launch AI Audio Series Feature

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Pocket FM, a popular audio entertainment platform, has joined forces with AI voice cloning startup ElevenLabs to introduce a groundbreaking feature known as AI Audio Series. This innovative tool allows writers to effortlessly transform their written stories into engaging audio series with just a single click.

The AI Audio Series feature supports both Hindi and English languages. Writers can initiate the process through the ‘Write’ tab on the Pocket FM app by selecting the ‘Series’ option. Once their story meets a minimum word count, writers can convert it into an audio series, choosing from a selection of approximately 50 different voices and background music. These voices include male and female options tailored to genres like romance, drama, fantasy, and horror.

Looking ahead, Pocket FM plans to expand the range of voices available to enhance content variety and quality over time.

According to co-founder Prateek Dixit, the collaboration with ElevenLabs has significantly enhanced Pocket FM’s production efficiency. The AI capabilities have enabled the platform to increase content production by more than tenfold while reducing production time and costs by 90%.

“We can now produce more than 10 times the content we previously could, maintaining high quality,” Dixit explained. This advancement allows Pocket FM to generate up to 2.5-3 hours of content per show daily, a substantial increase from the previous 30 minutes.

Mati Staniszewski, CEO of ElevenLabs, emphasized the synergy between their Voice AI expertise and Pocket FM’s dedication to audio series. “This partnership promises to elevate content production to new levels of efficiency and creativity,” Staniszewski added.

The introduction of the AI Audio Series feature is expected to accelerate Pocket FM’s expansion into new markets, particularly in Europe, including Germany and France. Dixit highlighted that speed of content production was a significant challenge in these regions previously.

“With AI technology, we can now launch content in these markets much faster, reducing our go-to-market time significantly,” he stated.

Pocket FM, which recently secured $103 million in Series D funding in March 2024, aims to leverage this cutting-edge technology to strengthen its competitive position and enhance content offerings globally.

AI Audio Series feature represents a pivotal advancement for Pocket FM, empowering writers to create captivating audio content efficiently while fueling the platform’s growth into new international markets.

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