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Did Zepto Just Price Coriander Like Gold? Here’s What Happened

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Zepto, a fast delivery platform, recently faced backlash after a user highlighted that coriander leaves were priced at Rs 131 for 100 grams. This pricing error was due to a system glitch, which has since been fixed. Zepto assured online customers that the platform now reflects accurate prices.

The issue came to light when a user from Gurugram posted a screenshot on X, pointing out the high price of coriander on Zepto app. This post triggered widespread criticism, with many users comparing Zepto’s prices to local vegetable vendors who often give coriander for free with other vegetables.

Some users humorously speculated that the coriander might have been grown on the moon to justify the high cost. Zepto responded by acknowledging the glitch and apologizing for the pricing errors. The company emphasized its commitment to quickly and transparently addressing customer concerns.

Zepto co-founded by Aadit Palicha and Kaivalya Vohra

Zepto explained that the glitch had caused unusual price tags for several products. While some items were priced much lower, others, like coriander, had a significant price increase. The company has now corrected the issue and restored accurate pricing across its platform.

Zepto also clarified that their prices might not always match those of other vendors, but they prioritize quality. The company assured customers that they strive to offer the best prices without compromising the quality of their products.

“We are dedicated to delivering the finest quality while striving to offer the best prices. Quality is never compromised, and we are committed to ensuring our customers receive only the best produce,” Zepto stated.

Zepto Online

The application window is now open for new applicants and existing beneficiaries who wish to invest more. This initiative is part of Zepto’s strategy to attract, motivate, and retain top talent by offering Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOPs).

Zepto has resolved the pricing issue and is committed to providing quality products at fair prices. The company values customer feedback and aims to maintain transparency and prompt responses to any concerns.

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