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Blinkit Offers ‘Free Dhaniya’ with Veggies, Users Want ‘Hari Mirch’ Too

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Blinkit, Zomato’s grocery delivery platform, has introduced a new feature offering free coriander (dhaniya) with vegetable orders. This change was prompted by a user’s mother who pointed out the inconvenience of having to pay for coriander while ordering vegetables. The new feature has been well-received by users, who are now also requesting the addition of free green chilies (hari mirch).

User Suggestion Sparks Change

The idea came from Ankit Sawant, an X (formerly Twitter) user, whose mother suggested that Blinkit should include coriander for free with vegetable purchases. She found it surprising and inconvenient to pay separately for coriander, a common practice in traditional marketplaces.

“Mom got a mini heart attack because she had to pay for dhaniya on Blinkit. @albinder – Mom is suggesting that you should bundle it for free with a certain amount of veggies,” Sawant wrote in his post.

CEO’s Prompt Response

Albinder Dhindsa, CEO of Blinkit, responded quickly to Sawant’s post. “Will do,” he replied, showing immediate willingness to implement the change. Dhindsa later announced the new feature on X, attributing the initiative to Sawant’s mother.

“It’s live! Everyone, please thank Ankit’s mom. We will polish the feature in the next couple of weeks,” Dhindsa posted.

Blinkit CEO Albinder Dhindsa with Free Dhaniya

Positive Reception and Further Requests

The announcement received a positive response from Blinkit users, gathering over 650,000 views and more than 9,000 likes. Many users appreciated the inclusion of free coriander and suggested adding free green chilies to the offer as well.

“Dhaniya ke sath mirchi bhi dal dete (add chilli along with coriander),” one user commented.

“Hey! Dhaniya + Hari Mirch. Sirf dhaniya is not allowed. (Only coriander not allowed),” another user added.

Blinkit Offers Free Dhaniya Users ask green Chillies too.

Blinkit’s Customer-Centric Approach

This move by Blinkit highlights its customer-centric approach, demonstrating how user feedback can lead to service improvements. By listening to customers and promptly acting on their suggestions, Blinkit aims to enhance the overall shopping experience on its platform.

Blinkit’s decision to offer free coriander with vegetable orders is a welcome change inspired by a user’s mother’s suggestion. The positive reception and additional requests for free green chilies indicate strong customer engagement and satisfaction. This initiative reflects Blinkit’s commitment to meeting customer needs and continuously improving its services.

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