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Noida Airport to Start Flights by April 2025 After Construction Delays

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Noida International Airport, located in Jewar, Uttar Pradesh, is now expected to start flights by April 2025. The airport, about 75 km from Delhi, was initially scheduled to launch flights in September 2024, but construction delays have pushed this date back.

Construction Delays and New Timeline

Recent reports highlighted significant delays in the construction of the greenfield airport. As a result, the airport’s opening has been rescheduled to April 2025. The airport authorities released a statement on Monday, confirming that commercial operations are now anticipated to begin by the end of April 2025.

Collaborative Efforts to Maintain Construction Pace

Despite the delays, airport authorities are committed to working closely with Tata Projects Limited, the EPC contractor, and other stakeholders to keep construction activities on track. This collaboration aims to ensure the airport is ready for operation by the new deadline.

Agreements with Airlines and Advanced Construction

The airport has already signed agreements with multiple airlines for future flight connections. Construction of key infrastructures such as the runway, passenger terminal, and control tower is in advanced stages. Additionally, significant concessions for ground handling and commercial areas have been awarded.

Largest Airport in India

Once completed, Noida International Airport will be India’s largest airport. It is a massive public-private partnership project led by the Uttar Pradesh government. The airport will cover over 5,000 hectares and will be developed in four phases. The first phase will feature one runway and a terminal capable of handling 12 million passengers annually.

Future Prospects

The delay in the airport’s opening has not dampened the enthusiasm of the stakeholders. The airport is expected to significantly boost connectivity and economic growth in the region. With advanced construction stages and agreements with airlines, Noida International Airport is poised to become a major hub for air travel in India.

Noida International Airport’s new launch date is April 2025, following construction delays. The project, supported by the UP government and Tata Projects Limited, is set to be India’s largest airport, enhancing connectivity and economic prospects for the region.

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