Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Route Mobile Launches WhatsApp Ticketing for 3 Metros

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Enterprise communication company Route Mobile has partnered with Billeasy E Solutions to introduce WhatsApp-based metro rail ticketing services in Nagpur, Hyderabad, and Pune. This innovative service aims to simplify the ticket purchasing process for metro commuters.

Expanding WhatsApp Ticketing Services

Currently, 15 cities in India have active metro services. Route Mobile has now extended its WhatsApp-based ticketing service to four of these cities, including Delhi, where the service was first launched in 2023. The addition of Nagpur, Hyderabad, and Pune marks a significant expansion of this convenient ticketing solution.

How to Use the Service

Using the WhatsApp ticketing service is straightforward. Commuters need to:

  • Start a chat with the metro’s official WhatsApp account.
  • Select their ‘from’ and ‘to’ stations.
  • Specify the number of tickets needed.
  • Pay using their preferred payment method.

After a successful transaction, users receive their QR tickets as a link on WhatsApp, which can be scanned at the metro station to access the platform.

Benefits of WhatsApp Ticketing

This new system offers several benefits:

  • Convenience: Commuters can book tickets anytime and anywhere using WhatsApp.
  • Speed: The entire process is quick and efficient, reducing the time spent on buying tickets.
  • Accessibility: With a smartphone, anyone can use this service without needing to visit a ticket counter.
Pune Metro Train.
Pune Metro Train.

Market Response

The introduction of WhatsApp-based ticketing has been positively received, as reflected in the stock market. Shares of Route Mobile saw a significant increase, settling 13.59% higher at Rs 1,737 per share on the BSE.

Route Mobile’s partnership with Billeasy E Solutions to offer WhatsApp-based metro ticketing in Nagpur, Hyderabad, and Pune is a notable advancement in public transportation services. By leveraging popular communication platforms like WhatsApp, the company is making metro travel more convenient and accessible for commuters. This move not only enhances the user experience but also positions Route Mobile as a leader in innovative ticketing solutions.

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