Monday, July 15, 2024

Luxury Retail Attracts Hospitality and Aviation Professionals for Jobs

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Luxury retail jobs is increasingly becoming a popular career choice for professionals transitioning from the hospitality and aviation sectors. According to Udit Mittal, founder and Managing Director of Unison International Consulting, a significant portion—about 30-40%—of job placements in luxury retail now come from hospitality backgrounds, with an additional 15% from aviation. This shift is driven by the expansion of global brands in India, a resurgence in offline shopping post-pandemic, and the industry’s growing demand for skilled professionals.

The luxury retail sector places high value on exceptional customer service and sales skills, qualities abundant in professionals from hospitality and aviation. Sonal Arora, Country Manager at GI Group Holding, emphasizes that candidates must also possess excellent communication skills, discretion, and a commitment to customer privacy.

India’s luxury market is experiencing rapid growth, projected to reach $30 billion by 2030. A Deloitte study reveals that 60% of current consumers in India invest annually in luxury items. In 2023 alone, luxury brands leased over 600,000 square feet of retail space, marking a significant 170% increase from the previous year. This expansion highlights the critical need for skilled sales personnel, many of whom are recruited from the hospitality sector.

The trend of professionals transitioning from hospitality and aviation to luxury retail is expected to continue. This trend is fueled by the luxury sector’s demand for top-tier talent and its promising growth opportunities in India. As global luxury brands expand their presence across the country, the sector anticipates heightened activity and a surge in job openings.

The shift towards luxury retail careers signifies a broader transformation in the Indian job market, where professionals are leveraging their existing skills in new, dynamic sectors. With the luxury retail industry poised for continued growth, professionals from hospitality and aviation backgrounds are well-positioned to thrive and contribute to this vibrant sector’s success.

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