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Maitreyi Micro in Noida: Inspiring Journey of Founder Namrata Narayan

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Namrata Narayan, the founder of Maitreyi Micro Product Marketing, started her dream project in November 2020 with just Rs. 5000 from Noida. Her goal was to create a sustainable income platform for skilled and semi-skilled women. This venture has grown into a beacon of empowerment and success.

The Beginning

Namrata launched “Maitri – Ek Parichay” to help women struggling to find a market for their handmade food products. This initiative provides a sustainable income and recognition for women as manufacturers and producers.

Empowering Women

The impact of this initiative has been profound. Over 100 women from rural and urban areas of Noida and adjoining areas now have their own platforms. This project has turned many into businesswomen, fostering true empowerment and independence.

Challenges and Perseverance

The journey was filled with challenges, from managing funds to packaging issues, advertising constraints, and operating on a tight budget. Slow initial sales were discouraging, but Namrata’s unwavering hope and confidence kept the team motivated. Despite the difficulties, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, Namrata faced social stigma and humiliation but never gave up.

Expanding the Product Line

Starting with products like mathi, pickles, papad, and ladoo, the range has now expanded to include traditional flavors from various Indian states. This includes Bihar’s special Tilkut and Katarni Rice Flakes, West Bengal’s Govind Bhog Rice, Kerala’s spices, and Madhya Pradesh’s wheat atta. These unique products have found a niche market.

Growth and Success

From a single store, the business has grown to over 40 stores, offering 25 products and increasing turnover from thousands to 25 lakhs. Despite ongoing challenges, the determination to succeed fuels continuous efforts and improvements.

For Namrata Narayan, struggle means success, and every day is a new opportunity to strive for more. Her story is a testament to the power of perseverance, vision, and the impact one person can have on empowering an entire community. Maitreyi Micro Product Marketing Pvt. Ltd. stands as a symbol of resilience and the transformative power of entrepreneurship in empowering women.

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