Sunday, July 14, 2024

PV Sindhu Joins Wellness Brand Hoop as Brand Ambassador

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PV Sindhu, renowned for her achievements as a two-time Olympic medalist, has joined wellness brand Hoop as both an investor and brand ambassador.

The brand, founded in October 2023 by former McKinsey consultants Twinkle Uppal and Saharsh Agarwal, aims to revolutionize wellness by addressing modern-day needs such as muscle recovery, pain relief, and sleep support.

PV Sindhu’s Endorsement

Expressing her enthusiasm for Hoop, PV Sindhu highlighted the critical importance of pain relief, muscle recovery, and sleep enhancement for athletes like herself. She emphasized the effectiveness of Hoop products in supporting an active lifestyle, not just for athletes but for everyone striving to live healthily.

Mission of Hoop

Twinkle Uppal and Saharsh Agarwal, alumni of SRCC, IIM, and ISB, identified a gap in the market for innovative wellness solutions tailored to the evolving lifestyles of modern India. Hoop emerged from their vision to modernize relief and recovery, integrating fitness seamlessly into everyday life.

Why PV Sindhu?

According to Saharsh Agarwal, PV Sindhu embodies the spirit of a champion and resonates deeply with Hoop’s mission. As India’s Badminton World Champion and a top global athlete, Sindhu’s endorsement is seen as a testament to Hoop’s commitment to quality and effectiveness.

PV Sindhu File Photo
Two-time Olympic medalist PV Sindhu. (File Photo)

Hoop’s Market Reach

Since its launch, Hoop has rapidly expanded its presence across India, reaching customers in over 1,000 cities including remote regions like Lakshadweep and Kargil. The brand’s comprehensive research and development phase, spanning 18 months, ensured the development of high-quality, natural products.

Backing and Support

Hoop is part of Peak XV’s Spark Program (formerly known as Sequoia India), receiving support from prominent angel investors in India’s business landscape. This includes leaders from sectors like food marketplace, hospitality, and consumer goods, underscoring confidence in Hoop’s potential and product efficacy.

Future Prospects

With PV Sindhu onboard, Hoop looks forward to enhancing its market presence and expanding its product offerings. As the brand prepares for the upcoming Olympics in 2024, PV Sindhu’s endorsement is expected to elevate awareness and trust in Hoop’s wellness solutions.

PV Sindhu’s association with Hoop signifies a synergy aimed at promoting holistic wellness and making impactful strides in the realm of fitness and health across India.

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