Tuesday, July 23, 2024

SingleInterface Raises $30M Funding by Asia Partners and PayPal

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Homegrown SaaS platform SingleInterface recently secured $30 million in funding, with Asia Partners and PayPal Ventures leading the investment round. This significant funding infusion highlights the platform’s potential to revolutionize offline businesses’ digital presence and growth strategies.

SingleInterface specializes in offering a suite of tools tailored to assist offline businesses in leveraging the digital landscape. The funding round, spearheaded by Asia Partners and joined by PayPal Ventures, underscores investors’ confidence in SingleInterface innovative approach and market potential.

simplifying digital presence

SingleInterface Simplifying Digital Presence

The core focus of SingleInterface revolves around simplifying the digital presence of multi-location brands. By providing services such as building store locators, managing social media listings, and offering omnichannel marketing solutions, the platform enables businesses to enhance customer engagement and drive eCommerce growth.

CEO Expresses Commitment

Sobhani, Co-founder and CEO of SingleInterface, expressed the platform’s commitment to empowering clients for further growth. He emphasized the suite of products’ ability to deliver remarkable revenue growth, with some clients attributing 15-20% of their revenues to SingleInterface’s solutions.

global expansion and ai (artificial intelligence) integration use

Global Expansion and AI Integration

With the newly raised funds, SingleInterface aims to strengthen its market leadership in Asia while expanding its global footprint. The platform plans to enhance its product offerings with AI-driven tools for audience segmentation and personalized engagement, streamlining marketing strategies across thousands of locations efficiently.

Clientele and Success Stories

SingleInterface boasts a diverse clientele of over 400 multi-location brands spanning various industries. Major conglomerates like Tata Group and Reliance Group, along with international brands such as KFC, Pizza Hut, and Nissan, have benefited from the platform’s transformative solutions. These success stories underscore SingleInterface’s efficacy in integrating offline and online customer journeys to drive growth for physical retail locations.

investor paypal company logo, SingleInterface Funding $30M by Asia Partners and PayPal

Investors Shown Confidence

Oliver Rippel, Co-founder of Asia Partners, commended SingleInterface’s exceptional track record in fostering customer engagement and commerce for large enterprises. The platform’s ability to seamlessly integrate offline and online customer journeys has solidified its position as a prominent player in the region, garnering recognition and support from investors.

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