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From Polio to Para Athlete: Inspiring Journey of Mohini Chauhan

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Imagine a young girl born in India’s national capital Delhi, navigating life’s challenges with an indomitable spirit despite being 85% disabled due to polio. This is the story of Para Athlete Mohini Chauhan, whose journey from hardship to heroism has captivated and inspired many.

From her early years, Mohini faced seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Yet, with remarkable resilience and unwavering determination, she transformed her struggles into stepping stones towards her dreams. Her life’s mission? To empower and uplift those who, like her, have faced life’s harshest trials with courage and grace.

Delhi Para Athlete Mohini Chauhan During Her Practice Session.

Mohini’s journey is one of relentless courage and unwavering commitment to her goals. Over the past decade, she has dedicated herself to empowering disabled individuals, spreading awareness, and advocating for accessible environments. Her life’s mission began with a simple yet powerful idea: to raise awareness about the rights and needs of disabled persons through awareness rides.

One of Mohini’s most remarkable achievements is completing over 50,000 km of awareness rides on a retrofitted scooty. These rides are not just physical journeys but powerful statements of resilience and advocacy. In 2019, she completed the world’s longest accessible awareness ride, covering 3,500 km from Delhi to Mumbai and back. She also holds the title of the first woman para rider to complete the world’s highest accessible awareness ride, traversing 2,500 km from Delhi to Kargil and back.

Delhi Para Athlete Mohini Chauhan During 21st National Para-Athletics Championship.

In 2022, Mohini embarked on the “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” ride from Delhi to Kathmandu and back, covering 2,609 km. Certified by the India Book of Records, this ride aimed to enhance the confidence of persons with disabilities, promote unity and advocate for an accessible world. Her message resonated deeply with diverse communities, transcending geographical and cultural boundaries.

Mohini’s commitment extends beyond awareness rides. She has tirelessly worked to promote gender equality, girl education, and the prevention of rape through her “Rape Free India” ride in 2020. This 3,000 km journey covered multiple states and aimed to create a safer, more inclusive society.

Mohini Chauhan with her group and friends.

In addition to her advocacy, Mohini is an accomplished para-athlete, having won numerous medals in national championships. She has been recognized with several awards, including the Delhi State Award in 2020 and the Best Rider Award for Accessible Awareness Ride in 2018.

Her educational pursuits reflect her dedication to social work. With a Master’s degree in Social Work from IGNOU, Mohini has held significant roles in various organizations, including Eagle Specially Abled Rider’s Voice and the Association for Disabled People. Her professional experience includes managing homes for street children and advocating for the rights of women with disabilities.

Winner of Championship, Delhi Para Athlete Mohini.

Mohini’s story is a testament to the power of perseverance and the impact one individual can have on society. Through her efforts, she continues to inspire and empower countless individuals, proving that with courage and determination, nothing is impossible.

Her vision for an inclusive and accessible India, coupled with her relentless advocacy and awareness campaigns, makes Mohini Chauhan a true influencer and a beacon of hope for many.

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