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LG Energy Solution partners with Analog Devices for EV battery solutions

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LG Energy Solution Ltd. (LGES), South Korea’s leading battery manufacturer, has entered into a partnership with a US company to enhance its electric vehicle (EV) battery management systems. On Wednesday, LGES announced it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Analog Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ) to jointly develop technology for more accurate measurement of internal battery cell temperatures.

The current battery management systems cannot measure the exact temperature inside each battery cell in real time. This limitation forces the system to set a conservative safe charging temperature, which in turn restricts the potential for increasing charging speeds. The partnership with Analog Devices aims to address this issue.

Under the MOU, Analog Devices will provide high-performance battery management integrated circuits (BMICs) to LGES over the next two years. These BMICs will be used in LGES’s EV battery management systems, enabling more precise temperature measurement and potentially enhancing battery safety and charging efficiency.

Roger Keen, the general manager in charge of the battery management division at Analog Devices, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration. He stated, “We are excited to continue working with LG Energy Solution to bring advanced and efficient batteries to the market and to further promote the clean energy ecosystem.”

LG Energy Solution partners with Analog Devices for EV battery solutions

LGES Vice President Lee Dal-hoon highlighted the company’s goal to improve its technological capabilities and offer unique value to its customers through this partnership. The collaboration with Analog Devices is seen as a strategic move to strengthen LGES’s position in the EV battery market by providing innovative solutions that enhance battery performance and safety.

This partnership is expected to play a significant role in advancing the technology of EV batteries, contributing to faster and safer charging solutions. By integrating Analog Devices’ BMICs, LGES aims to deliver state-of-the-art battery systems that meet the growing demands of the EV market and support the global shift towards clean energy.

Overall, the collaboration between LGES and Analog Devices represents a significant step towards improving EV battery management systems, which is crucial for the advancement of electric vehicles and the broader clean energy movement.

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