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Why Odisha is the Least Talked About State in India?

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Odisha, a state located on the south-eastern coast of India, boasts a rich cultural heritage, picturesque landscapes, and a history that dates back thousands of years. Despite these attributes, Odisha often remains under the radar in national discussions and media coverage. Why Odisha is still the least talked about state in India?

In our today’s initiative we will explore the reasons behind this lack of attention, examining various angles including business, tourism, infrastructure, and media representation.

Historical and Cultural Richness of Odisha

Historical and cultural heritage of Odisha least talked state of India.

Odisha is home to some of the most magnificent temples and historical sites in India, including the Sun Temple at Konark, the Jagannath Temple in Puri, and the ancient Buddhist site at Ratnagiri.

The state’s vibrant festivals, such as Rath Yatra and Durga Puja, attract visitors from around the world. Despite this, Odisha’s cultural wealth is overshadowed by more prominently marketed destinations like Rajasthan or Kerala.

Economic and Business Landscape

bhubaneswar coworking space, offices and corporate buildings.

Odisha has a diverse economy with strengths in agriculture, mining, and heavy industries. It is one of India’s leading producers of minerals like iron ore, coal, and bauxite.

Additionally, the state is rich in forest resources and has a significant handloom and handicrafts sector.

However, Odisha’s business environment faces several challenges:

  • Lack of Infrastructure: Compared to states like Maharashtra and Karnataka, Odisha’s infrastructure development is still catching up. This affects the ease of doing business and investment attractiveness.
bhubaneswar airport odisha. Odisha least talked about state in India.
  • Policy Implementation: While the state government has introduced policies to attract investment, issues with bureaucratic red tape and policy implementation can deter potential investors.
  • Limited Promotion: Odisha’s economic opportunities are not as widely promoted as those in other states. For example, the IT sector boom in Bengaluru or the financial hub status of Mumbai are well-known, but similar initiatives in Bhubaneswar, Odisha’s capital, receive less attention.

Tourism Potential in State

Why Odisha least talked about state in India?

Odisha offers a unique blend of natural beauty and cultural richness, from the tranquil beaches of Puri and Gopalpur to the serene Chilika Lake and the wildlife sanctuaries like Simlipal and Bhitarkanika. Despite this, the state attracts fewer tourists compared to destinations like Goa or Himachal Pradesh. Key reasons include:

  • Limited Connectivity: Poor air and rail connectivity to major cities hinder tourist inflow.
  • Lack of Promotion: The state’s tourism potential is not marketed aggressively. Many travelers are unaware of Odisha’s attractions.
bhubaneswar commercial centre.
  • Inadequate Infrastructure: Tourist infrastructure, such as hotels, transport, and amenities, requires significant improvement to meet international standards.

Lack of Media Representation

The media plays a crucial role in shaping perceptions and bringing regions into the limelight. Odisha suffers from limited national and international media coverage. This lack of representation can be attributed to:

  • Concentration on Metros: Media houses tend to focus on major metropolitan areas and more prominent states, sidelining regions like Odisha.
Less Media Coverage and Attention on Odisha.
  • Negative Coverage: When Odisha does make headlines, it is often for negative reasons such as natural disasters (cyclones) or political issues, overshadowing positive developments.

Steps Required For Change

To elevate Odisha’s profile, several measures can be taken:

  • Infrastructure Development: Investing in better transport and tourism infrastructure to make the state more accessible and appealing to both investors and tourists.
  • Enhanced Promotion: A concerted effort to market Odisha’s cultural, economic, and natural attractions through campaigns and partnerships.
bhubaneswar shopping malls and multiplex.
  • Policy Reforms: Streamlining business regulations and providing incentives to attract more industries and startups.
  • Media Engagement: Proactively engaging with media to highlight positive stories and achievements from the state.

Odisha’s underrepresentation in national discourse is a multifaceted issue involving infrastructure, promotion, and media coverage.

By addressing these areas, Odisha has the potential to emerge as a significant player in India’s cultural, economic, and tourism sectors. Increased focus on development and strategic promotion can help Odisha garner the attention it truly deserves.

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