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Why 9 to 5 Jobs Are a Taboo for Youngsters?

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Gen-z are full of creativity and they love freedom they have a passion to follow and many more plans in life. Recently, a change has been noticed that people are either ditching their 9 to 5 jobs or even if they pursue it, they don’t like it. Now there are several reasons for young minds running away from typical 9 to 5 jobs.

Is this Influence of Social Media?

Well, the main role is played by social media. Young minds are influenced by social media very easily and several people are complaining about their jobs on social media which somewhere has defamed 9 to 5 jobs since everyone has their situation and we never know why the person is complaining hence our opinion should be according to our experiences not on others.

youths influenced by social media

Challenges of Traditional Work Hours

Here comes other opinions like some feel that 9 to 5 is an extreme period to work where an individual doesn’t get time for other things according to a survey done young people prefer working from 9 to 2 instead of 9 to 5.

Financial Needs and Career Passions

This is not where the perception of youngsters ends there are many more like some do this because of financial need neither everyone is an entrepreneur nor everyone is born with a silver spoon in their mouth and here the need for a job arrives but then people don’t like what they are doing they just pursue it out o0f need not out of their passion.

9 to 5 jobs youngsters related to their financial need or career passions

Constraints on Innovation and Growth

It is believed that corporate jobs do not provide a platform for their ideas and mindset they never move out of that corporate box. Also, gen-z just wants a big boost they don’t believe in growing slowly and gradually and this mindset does not fit in the cooperate sector. Cooperate demands experience.

Seeking Value and Career Choices

There is a lot of value to be realized by addressing issues with your jobs, establishing what you enjoy how you can make someone’s life better, and if; needed finding work with someone who values you, and sometimes it’s not those big bad boss’s narratives that have been built up.

society and traditional perception of 9 to 5 jobs work culture

Societal Perceptions of 9 to 5 Jobs

Some are just afraid of those old narratives of people that a 9 to 5 job is always a second option this can’t be done for life or society respecting only those with wealthy business and government jobs and treating a 9 to 5 person like an ordinary.

It’s not always young minds hating 9 to 5 jobs sometimes this is just because of society and social media. Sometimes, it’s their wings that want to fly high but they are bound to a specific boundary.

(Written and researched by Vandana Gehlaut)

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