Monday, July 15, 2024

LTIMindtree Chairman: AM Naik Steps Down, Subrahmanyan Takes Over

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In a significant leadership change, IT company LTIMindtree announced that its Chairman, AM Naik, has decided to step down from his position. This announcement was made at the company’s 28th Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday.

New Chairman Appointed

The board of LTIMindtree has appointed SN Subrahmanyan, the current Vice-Chairman, as the new Chairman. This change will be effective from June 27, 2024, as per a regulatory filing.

The LTIMindtree family see AM Naik as remarkable tenure, recognizing his foundational role in the company’s success. Naik expressed his gratitude, stating, “I feel privileged to have not only led such a great organization but also laid the foundation for future growth and success.”

Naik’s Contributions

AM Naik has been a pivotal figure in LTIMindtree, leading the company through significant milestones and laying a strong foundation for its future. His leadership has been marked by strategic growth and the establishment of a robust organizational structure.

Looking Forward with Subrahmanyan

As the new Chairman, SN Subrahmanyan brings his extensive experience and leadership skills to LTIMindtree. His appointment marks the beginning of a new chapter for the company, with expectations of continued growth and innovation under his guidance.

The leadership transition at LTIMindtree signifies a new era for the company. With AM Naik stepping down and SN Subrahmanyan stepping up as Chairman, LTIMindtree is poised for further success. The company looks forward to building on its strong foundation and achieving new heights under Subrahmanyan’s leadership.

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